Style or Function?


Can a phone case be fashionable and functional at the same time? At Cells Emporium, that’s what we’re trying to accomplish! It should be stylish and protective at the same time, because your phone is another way to show your personality. Patterns, solids, animals — you name it, we’ve got it.


Style or Function?


Cell phone cases have become a good way for many of us to showcase our personalities. A solid color might mean that it’s our favourite color — or a pattern might mean we can’t pick a favourite! An oversized animal case is cutesy, but a character case tells you a lot about us.


Here’s the thing, though. As personable as all these stylish cases are, almost none of them provide function. A solid-color one might be more protective, just because OtterBox and many companies like them tend to stick to solid colors when making their ultra-protective cases, but that’s it. Unless your case is a tight seal — and if you’re one of those people who likes to switch their cases out, that’s unlikely — it won’t be all that protective when you drop it. There might not be any official numbers, but everyone drops their phone at least once or twice, don’t they? And today, as kids get younger and younger with their first phones, getting a good case becomes pretty important.


On the other range on the functional spectrum, cell phone cases have now started coming with their own battery source. What does this mean? They can automatically sense when your phone’s power falls below a certain point, and charge it. Pretty cool, right? It is pretty cool, but many of these cases are bulky, and usually black or grey. They’re also often not the best where dropping is a concern, either, because it’s quite easy to damage the charger when the phone is dropped. Fashion doesn’t play a big role in these cases either.


Perhaps the best mix of fashion and function are cell phone wallets. They can come in many different designs, and have space for a few cards and cash. Some can even be carried like wristlets, and for people who want something a little fancier than a rubber case, they do the trick! It’s unknown how protective they really are, but because there’s an extra layer between the phone and the ground, it’s probably safe to guess they’re more protective than most.


For some people, cell phone cases aren’t a big deal. They go with the one the store suggests, or they don’t have one at all. For others, it can be hard to choose between fashion or function, and require more consideration to figure out which is more important to them. Whatever the case, pick a good one.