Streaming — Not Just for TVs


How do most people watch their tv shows today? The answer is streaming — and usually via their computer, from a website like Hulu, Netflix, or a network’s website. Some people don’t own TVs, or they aren’t home in time to watch, or they’d have to stay up too late for it. Streaming lets people watch shows on their own time, and allows for much more control. There’s a wide range of options, though, from where to watch from.

While some prefer their computers, so they can multi-task while watching something, still others like the traditional view — their tv screen. It’s not uncommon to be in a restaurant and see younger children watching an episode on a tablet in hopes they’ll stay calm. Increasingly, though, the phone is becoming a popular option to stream from, especially with apps like Hulu and Netflix.

At first impulse, maybe it seems like the screen is too small, but smartphones are gradually becoming bigger and bigger. They’re also getting even better, in terms of focus and quality. If you play games on your phone regularly, watching an episode of a tv show or a movie isn’t really that different!

You may want to invest in some kind of stand for your phone, but many phone cases do come with a built-in stand these days. Other than that, you don’t really need anything else! One of the biggest appeals to streaming on your phone is just that — all you need is your phone, and you don’t have to get out of your bed to do anything else. Like with other electronics, there is the risk of eye strain, especially with a smaller screen, but there’s so much convenience here, it seems likely people would be willing to run the risk here.

After all, we do so much on our smartphones already — why not turn them into streaming hotspots?