Reading On Your Phone


Are you one of those people who feels like they have too many devices? Maybe you have a phone, an iPod, an iPad, and a Kindle, or other type of e-reader. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could have everything all on one device?

Well, there’s no one device that can do everything, but if you’re someone who enjoys e-books or audiobooks, you don’t necessary need an e-reader! Instead, you can turn to your phone and use the Kindle app. Of course, you don’t have to use the Kindle app, but it’s the easiest and most well-known app when it comes to reading digital materials. It supports ebook format, but it also supports other types of files, like PDF documents and mobi files.

Some people might say that reading a book on your phone screen hardly seems convenient, especially when traditional phone screens are smaller than most books. With the Kindle app, a book’s appearance can be tweaked — for example, font can be made bigger easily, to compensate for reading on a smaller screen. Backlighting can be tweaked as well. Do you really need your phone to glow so brightly when you’re trying to read right before bed?

It actually is pretty convenient though. With how devices are getting streamlined these days, we’re getting closer to that one device that can do everything — but that also means we don’t have room to carry as much as we used to. Some people bring a physical book with them when they go to the doctor’s office, or know they’ll have to wait in line, but then it becomes one extra thing to carry. Having your latest read on your phone makes it a lot easier in situations where you have to wait for a bit.

It’s true that your phone might die a little quicker, but convenience and the ability to customize your reading experience outweigh that factor, don’t you think?