Keyboards san antonio

When we say keyboards, we don’t mean the physical ones. Many phones these days do not have physical keyboards — Blackberry phones are probably the major exception to this, but they’re not as popular as Apple phones, that’s for sure. No, the keyboards we mean are touch-screen keyboards.

Touch screen has become an automatic part of our lives these days. Everyone you know probably has a touch screen phone, but touch screen is branching out into computers and televisions these days. They can be inaccessible for people with vision problems, though both Apple phones and Android devices have special accessibility settings for people with disabilities.

Android phones in particular share what’s called a Swype keyboard. Rather than having to type each word out, and taking your finger off the screen, you can instead swipe from letter to letter, and watch as it automatically fills in the word for you. These keyboards increase texting speed, and other functions, substantially. Predictive text is nothing new, but the way that the Swype keyboard enhances it is definitely a highlight of Android phones.

Apple products have predictive text as well, of course. You can start a sentence with “I..” and the predictive keyboard lists the three words it thinks are most likely to come after it. In a way, you don’t even have to type a sentence at all after the first word, if you don’t need to. Apple fills your sentences in for you. One of the most popular keyboard systems is also on Apple phones, and that’s the emoji keyboard. Emojis can range from anything such as a face sticking its tongue out to small graphics representing the weather, to flags for just about every country you could ever think of. It’s frighteningly easy to communicate solely in emojis, and people love them. The Android app store has been flooded with apps promising to recreate the emoji experience.

If you’re a fast typer, or the idea of a touch screen just doesn’t appeal, you can still find QWERTY phones. These phones usually have keyboards that slid down from the bottom or out to the side, making these phones chunkier than your average Apple or Android product. They also tend to feel outdated, as many people have moved beyond the keyboard, and getting phone support is tricky as well.

There’s a keyboard for everyone, whether real or not.