“Hey Siri!”


We’re all familiar with Siri, the voice assistant on Apple products — from the commercials, from the Apple website, from the funny things Siri will say to certain questions or statements. But do we really know what Siri can do?

Siri is aimed at productivity, so that’s what’s pushed the most. She can make appointments on your calendar, set alarms and reminders for you, pull up emails, or start FaceTime calls for you — all with a simple “Hey Siri.” While you might’ve known that she can make calls for you, you can easily amend these calls to be on speaker — “Hey Siri, call Mom on speaker,” and she’ll do it. This is a useful tool for people who are constantly in the car; it’s completely hands-free, and you don’t even need to use a bluetooth speaker. It’s easy to chat and keep your eyes on the road.

If you have the right accessories, you can use Siri around the home. Coffee in the morning? Ask Siri to start the coffee maker, or even better — set Siri up so that she starts the coffee maker at a certain time each morning. There’s no need to stumble around the kitchen while waiting for your coffee now. Siri can also help with home security — if you suddenly remember you left your lights on at home, you can ask her to turn the lights off. Pretty cool, right? You can also use Siri with Apple Music — whether you want to hit play or pause, add the song to your library, or find more songs like it, it’s very easy. Siri makes everything hands-free, and it’s pretty cool to be able to do anything just by talking to her.

While the funny things that Siri does sometimes make it to the news, like asking her to divide by zero or “How to dispose of a body,” there’s a lot of voice commands that go by unnoticed. For example, you can ask Siri to tell you a bedtime story, and she’ll retell Cinderella to be about herself. You can ask her for her opinions on things, like Google or pop culture references — and even ask her if she loves you. The answers are funny, and certainly make you wonder at times who programmed her to have a personality!

It may seem silly to talk to your phone, but it’s getting easier to do it every day. It may not be something you do in public, necessarily, but if you’ve got a question, why not just turn to Siri for an answer? Many other companies have seen the success of Siri, and are developing their own voice assistants, so even if Apple products aren’t for you, you’ll still be able to have a voice assistant eventually!