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Getting a Charge Everywhere


It’s very tempting to keep your phone running at 100% power as much as possible. It just feels good to have a full battery, right? It takes a weight off your mind, knowing you can do whatever you want without the screen suddenly going to black. The minute you unplug your phone, maybe you’re one … Continue reading “Getting a Charge Everywhere”

Apps, Apps, Apps!


Although iPhone and Android apps have really only been around for a short time, it’s hard to imagine day to day life without them. When you’re waiting in a long line somewhere, maybe you check Facebook or play Candy Crush. When you’re out with your kids somewhere, maybe you give them the phone to play. … Continue reading “Apps, Apps, Apps!”

Cell Phone Myths


There are so many myths about cell phones out there that it’s hard to know where to begin! Some of them are grounded in reality, like not charging your phone overnight came from a time when batteries weren’t smart enough to sense that they were fully charged. Still, others seem designed as April Fool’s jokes. … Continue reading “Cell Phone Myths”

What’s In A Battery?


Just about everyone everywhere is glued to their cell phone. Whether we’re waiting in line somewhere, or trying to meet up with friends at a restaurant, or even in the bathroom, there’s a cell phone in hand. Naturally, with all this constant use, a battery that lasts for a long time is the most desired … Continue reading “What’s In A Battery?”

What Can Bluetooth Do For You?


What is Bluetooth, and why does it seem to be on everyone’s phones? Bluetooth is a form of wireless communication between devices, like your cell phone and your computer. With Bluetooth, you can send information back and forth, without having to connect the two devices. How does this come into play with cell phones? And … Continue reading “What Can Bluetooth Do For You?”

What’s In The Case?


phone cases, cell phone repair, cell phone cases, cell phone repair san antonio, cell phone cases, cell phone covers cell phone repair phone cases cellphone repairs san antonio Anyone with a smartphone these days knows one thing. Smartphones are fragile. Since the advent of touch-screen technology, screens have gotten bigger and bigger — and crack … Continue reading “What’s In The Case?”

To Repair or to Replace?


repairs, cell phone repair san antonio, cell phone cases, cell phone covers repairs cell phone cases cell phone covers Oops, you dropped your iPhone and cracked its screen! Or maybe there’s something wrong with your battery, or maybe you don’t even know what the problem is at all — it’s just stopped working. What do … Continue reading “To Repair or to Replace?”

Protect Your Wrist? You Should.


Apple Watch ­­ we’ve all heard a lot about it over the past few months. It’s a watch, but it’s also like having your phone or computer out. There are special­ designed Watch apps, you can answer email and text­messages from it, and you can still check the time while doing all of the above! … Continue reading “Protect Your Wrist? You Should.”

A Complete Cellular Service Provider


In the current age of cellular dependence and effective communication, if this question is asked that,“What is a complete cellular service provider to you?” The following requirements would be an absolute necessity: 1. To be able to monitor the needs and requirements of the clients and offer proactive solutions for it. For example the need … Continue reading “A Complete Cellular Service Provider”

Cellz Emporium and Customer Awards


Be it HTC, Nokia, Samsung or the iPhone; Cellz Emporium is a one stop shop housing all brands of the mobile phones available in the market. “It is the outstanding architecture done of the shop which makes it oh-so-desirable to peek in and get your hands on your favorite stuff” comments our cherished customer Susan. … Continue reading “Cellz Emporium and Customer Awards”