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Camera-Phone Accessories


Maybe you remember when taking pictures with your phone seemed like a crazy, futuristic dream. Well, the future is here, and the camera technology on our phones just keep getting better and better. With apps like Instagram and Snapchat, everybody wants that perfect picture nowadays. And people are turning to accessories to do that for … Continue reading “Camera-Phone Accessories”

Back It Up


Why should you backup your phone? Well, if something happens to it -- like if you drop it or it gets stolen, that’s not just a phone you’ve lost. That’s data, and by data, we mean that’s pictures, text messages, contacts -- everything and anything you do on your phone. Right, it just got a … Continue reading "Back It Up"

Reading On Your Phone


Are you one of those people who feels like they have too many devices? Maybe you have a phone, an iPod, an iPad, and a Kindle, or other type of e-reader. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could have everything all on one device? Well, there’s no one device that can do everything, but … Continue reading "Reading On Your Phone"



When we say keyboards, we don’t mean the physical ones. Many phones these days do not have physical keyboards — Blackberry phones are probably the major exception to this, but they’re not as popular as Apple phones, that’s for sure. No, the keyboards we mean are touch-screen keyboards. Touch screen has become an automatic part … Continue reading “Keyboards”

Classroom Smart(Phones)


Schools have always been behind when it comes to their cell phone policies. Many schools say that students can’t have their cell phones with them during the day, otherwise they’ll be confiscated. Still, others treat them like they would other technology, and say only available for use during lunch. There are a few who seem … Continue reading "Classroom Smart(Phones)"

Style or Function?


Can a phone case be fashionable and functional at the same time? At Cells Emporium, that’s what we’re trying to accomplish! It should be stylish and protective at the same time, because your phone is another way to show your personality. Patterns, solids, animals -- you name it, we’ve got it.   Style or Function? … Continue reading "Style or Function?"

“Hey Siri!”


We’re all familiar with Siri, the voice assistant on Apple products -- from the commercials, from the Apple website, from the funny things Siri will say to certain questions or statements. But do we really know what Siri can do? Siri is aimed at productivity, so that’s what’s pushed the most. She can make appointments … Continue reading "“Hey Siri!”"

Accessories And More


We do so much on our cell phones and tablets these days. They go everywhere, and everything is done on them. While we’re talked about cell phone cases before, and how to protect them, we've neglected to mention the wide array of accessories that are out there! For instance, if you like to cook a … Continue reading "Accessories And More"

Technology in the Schools


Schools across the United States have been trying out tablet programs with their students. Each class gets tablets to let their students use during class-time, for guided independent study. Students can pick a topic, research it, and put together a presentation, all on these tablets. Pretty impressive, right? This is an expensive program, though, and … Continue reading “Technology in the Schools”

Streaming — Not Just for TVs


How do most people watch their tv shows today? The answer is streaming — and usually via their computer, from a website like Hulu, Netflix, or a network’s website. Some people don’t own TVs, or they aren’t home in time to watch, or they’d have to stay up too late for it. Streaming lets people … Continue reading “Streaming — Not Just for TVs”