Back It Up


Why should you backup your phone?

Well, if something happens to it — like if you drop it or it gets stolen, that’s not just a phone you’ve lost. That’s data, and by data, we mean that’s pictures, text messages, contacts — everything and anything you do on your phone. Right, it just got a lot more important, didn’t it?

Most phones backup automatically to the Cloud, a wireless storage system, but it can be confusing. With iPhones, it’s often easier for people to store their backup file on the computer. Once they get a new phone, all they have to do is plug it into their computer! However, this does depend on a regular phone to computer connection, and iTunes. There aren’t that many third-party apps for iPhone backup out there, because of the option to use the Cloud or iTunes.

On the other hand, there are a variety of ways to backup your Android phone. The most common one is backing up to Google servers, much like using the iPhone cloud. However, this method doesn’t save pictures, videos, or data from games you might play. To backup pictures and videos, there are a variety of apps like Google Photos and Dropbox. Google Photos can be synced at the same time with backing data up to the servers, which means you’ll have everything in the same place. It is possible to backup to a computer, but Android has made the process of uploading to Google’s servers so easy you don’t need to. As with iPhones, there are multiple apps to use.

Just as there are differences between Apple and Android phones, their backup measures differ as well. Regardless of the phone you have, it’s a good idea to get into a habit of backing up regularly. It may be paranoia, but you never know when you’ll drop or lose your phone.