Accessories And More


We do so much on our cell phones and tablets these days. They go everywhere, and everything is done on them. While we’re talked about cell phone cases before, and how to protect them, we’ve neglected to mention the wide array of accessories that are out there!

For instance, if you like to cook a lot, you might have your recipe up on your phone. Did you know, though, that you can get all sorts of different kickstands to attach to your phone? Instead of having to take your phone out of your pocket or pick it up to check something, you can put its kickstand up and place it on the counter near your workspace. That way, when you have to consult your recipe, you can look and and keep stirring at the same time. In addition to kickstands, if you’re a particularly messy chef, you can get special protective screens for your devices. They hook on around the corners, but come away easily when they need to be wiped down.

Or maybe you’re a business professional. If you have to prepare a lot of presentations, many phones and tablets these days come with modified versions of Microsoft Powerpoint — if you can’t create them directly on your phone, you can at least edit them. When it comes to actually showing them, though, you can get a projector that connects to your phone now. Maybe you need to take notes during your meeting, and you can’t type quite as fast as you’d like to. You can actually get sticky notes that attach to the back of your phone for easy note-taking. It sounds silly, right? It’s actually pretty helpful too, though.

The rest of us maybe don’t need something as specialized as the first two options. Maybe we just want a fun accessory. If you’re an Instagram addict (and who isn’t?) you can even get a miniature pop-up studio, perfect for getting food pictures. Some even come in a variety of colors, so you can have the perfect studio setting for whatever your picture needs! Another fun option is smartphone gloves. Yes, you’ve heard of them before, but while they used to be just plain black or blue, companies are actually starting to roll out fashionable options. Sure, living in a warmer climate like we do, it might not be necessary… but it’s fun!

Honestly, there seems to be a smartphone accessory for just about everything you could ever think to do with your phone or tablet these days. These are just some examples, but it’s also very easy to google “smartphone accessories” and get list after list full of the latest (and coolest) accessories you must have.